Where to Next for the Māori Party?

Election night 2017 was a deeply disappointing day for supporters of the Māori Party.  And, full disclaimer for those who are new to my writing, I am a member of the Māori Party and gave my two ticks to the party at the election.  Watching from my friends home in North-West London I felt the... Continue Reading →


Oxford, The NZ Project, & The Lands Case

I travelled to Oxford today to visit Max Harris, a friend that I have come to know during my time in London, and who readers will know through his thought-provoking and highly successful text - The New Zealand Project.  Oxford is a fabulous city, an hour outside of London, and a place that I instantly... Continue Reading →

A New Start for Ka Tōnuitanga

I’m back.  I started this blog back in 2011 as a way of talking about Māori issues in the lead up to that years general election.  It was a space that had been neglected for far too long, and only one or two of us were writing seriously about the big issues of the day... Continue Reading →

My 2017 Election Manifesto

With a little over 5 months to go until the 2017 General Election, and the policy announcements starting to ramp up, I sat down and thought through what my priorities are in this election and what will guide my thinking in deciding who to vote for.  My voting record is fairly unorthodox, and something I... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Prime Minister (Mana Magazine)

Note: Between August 2014 and May 2017 I was a regular columnist for Mana Magazine and my writing was focused on this medium, while also managing a very hectic work schedule.  Articles during this “Interregnum” were all originally published in external sources. In early December, just when we thought that 2016 – the year of... Continue Reading →

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