Going Public: New Year, New Mahi

As I mentioned in the first instalment of my January update, this month has been a period of great change.  None more so than starting my new job after a four month sabbatical travelling around Europe and New Zealand.  As of 9 January 2018 I joined the public sector, taking up a positing of Māori... Continue Reading →


A New Model for Iwi Authority – Iwi Member Engagement

There has been some internal discussions with my home iwi, Te Ātiawa recently over issues of representation and engagement between the newly mandated post-settlement governance entity and the Hapū and individual members of the Iwi.  My impression of these discussions is that there is a degree of disillusionment amongst Māori over the lack of real... Continue Reading →

Valmaine Toki on Māori Governance

I came across a good article by Valmaine Toki entitled "Culture - The Foundation of Maori Governance" in February's edition of NZ Lawyer. Many Maori organisations are explicitly driven by tikanga, kawa, and values (for example in employment, tangihanga and cultural leave policies) that take into account the aspirations of whanau, hapu, and iwi. Cultural... Continue Reading →

Waikato Times Incompetence: The Tūwharetoa Edition

"Bailouts, Bad Ventures halve Treelord cash", so screamed the sensationalist headline in yesterday's Waikato Times, conjuring up images of another Māori Iwi without the requisite financial ability squandering away taxpayer dollars. This was the article that greeted me this morning when I began my peruse of the daily news, and the opening paragraphs left me... Continue Reading →

A New Direction: Why I Quit Law

And so ends my legal career. After 5 years of practising law, I have made the decision to pursue a career in another field and expand my horizons. It was not an easy decision to make, but after two weeks in my new role, it is probably one of the best career decisions that I... Continue Reading →

The (Unused) Power of Resumption

The deference being shown by the Waitangi Tribunal towards the Crown is becoming somewhat predictable of late, and the release of it most recent report is unlikely to stem the criticism that it is often failing to act on its core functions.  Today I am going to take a look at the powerful, but as... Continue Reading →

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