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January 7, 2013

Happy New Year! After a relaxing 3 week break I am now back at work, and back at regular writing for Māori Law and Politics after a rather sporadic approach during the last few months of 2012. Thanks to all my readers who keep coming back despite the lack of new content, your comments and support provide the inspiration to keep going with this project. As part of my new year resolutions I am aiming to devote more time to this blog, starting with a regular weekly posting schedule, with new content on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

2013 promises to be another big year in the Māori legal and political spheres. The water rights and asset sales debate continues, with the Supreme Court set to hear the case in late January. I will have an article up on Wednesday discussing the High Court decision and a further post on Friday discussing the various calls for Chief Justice Sian Elias to recuse herself from the hearing. I still believe that Mighty River Power will be partially privatized this year, despite the continuing resistance from various Iwi and Māori groups.

2013 also promises to be a very busy year work wise for me, with the Waitangi Tribunal commencing its hearings in the Te Paparahi O Te Raki District Inquiry in March, and continuing with the Te Rohe Pōtae District Inquiry hearings. I will be writing about my experiences with these Tribunal hearings as the year goes on. And, finally, I am worked on a few big projects associated with this blog, and my legal work, throughout this year. All will be revealed in due course, and I am very excited about the prospects of these projects.


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