Joshua Hitchcock

Hateful Comments

In Lifestyle on July 12, 2012 at 9:30 am

Every now and then someone comes here and unleashes their pent-up frustration and hatred, either through a poorly thought-through comment on an angry email.  Yesterday I received the following comment from a Mr. Paul Scott on an earlier article I wrote about Asset Sales:

fuck Maori, New Zealand belongs to New Zealanders.not Maori elite, and the reason Key can surrender assets to sales is because New Zealanders have no rightd, only Maori.. well fuck Maori I say

Now, I feel sorry for people like Mr. Scott who carry around so much pain and hurt that they feel the need to lash out at minority groups.  Ignoring the fact that the comment reads like it was written by someone who would fail the tests for National Standards in our primary schools, this kind of comment is symptomatic of a person who is deeply dissatisfied with their life and the only way he can feel better is by attempting to use his power as a white male to hate on those people in a minority group.  It is a disgraceful way to conduct yourself and will not be tolerated here.

Māori Law and Politics is a place for positive discourse around the important issues facing Māori in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  I extend my aroha to you, Mr. Scott, you appear in great need of it.

  1. Joshua pretends hatred where there is none ,where there is not.
    Pretense arrogant, supercilious, educated Joshua can see it,when he looks for something nott right, the little brat wants to see lower class spelling, but it is only little Joshua,
    Suffering himself, and trying to make other people less , because they will not understand
    Hay its scary Joshua the Asians are coming Joshua,
    and some of them can hardly read Maori.
    Soon we will build a NZ Constitution Joshue are you are not coming

  2. I rang up the two Maori friends I have,one an acquaitance really, and they checked this blog, they said i have been belligerent and to apologise. I apologise here and now.
    It is OK to say a throw away ‘Fuck Maori ‘ when talking to friends about water rights, they said, because they can see the context as not personal, but about a politic, but it is offi\ensive in a blog context.
    I am sorry for being belligerent and offensive, I comment in blogs as though I can say or write anything, but I can not.
    Joshua’s psychoanalysis from nowhere is interesting. though,
    I have a first class honours degree in Science, make typo errors all the time, am not too disatisfied, and have bugger all power, except maybe my one vote every few years, and I do not hate .

  3. How dose one get in contact with this maori council

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