Taking a Break

December 6, 2011

Summer is upon us and as we move into the warmer months of the year I have decided to take a break from writing here at Māori Land and Politics for the next two months.  Following the election result there has been a massive increase in negativity over the state of New Zealand to the point where it is becoming comical in its ridiculous

The reality is that we have elected a National-led Government to continue on their slow, step-change, approach to economic reform.  The Māori Party will elect to enter into an arrangement with the Government to gain what they can for Māori, and those who identify with the left-wing of New Zealand politics will continue to call them traitors and attack every choice they make.  I have heard a lot of doomsday predictions over the election result but the reality is that we are slowing moving forward as a civilisation and I have no time for angry rhetoric about why this Government hates this group or that group depending on the vested interests of the person making the accusation.

It is summer, time to spend with whānau and friends and enjoy the great domain of papatūānuku.  I plan on spending the next two months travelling around the motu, visiting family, swimming at our lovely beaches, eating our lovely kai, and progressing my mahi on the Waitangi Tribunal district inquiries and the commencement of my LLM dissertation in the New Year.  I also will be spending a bit of time developing my Our World site, a site where I discuss issues relating to humanity, personal development and economic development.  The focus of Our World is overarchingly positive.  We live in the most prosperous time in the history of the world.  It is time to begin celebrating that, while continually looking for opportunities to improve the lives of everyone.  We should not be waging battle between the rich and the poor, instead it is time that we recognise that we are all in this together, and hate and vitriol will never move us forward as a civilisation.  He Iwi Kotahi Tātou.


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